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It saddens me that this will likely be my last post on this blog. I would just like to thank all my followers for tuning in each week to read my responses. A lot of effort went into each post and I hope you all enjoyed them. I am now going to reflect on the 2012 Presidential election….


We are both leaving, but before you do I’d like to agree to what you said. Congrats to Obama and his 4 more years. Romney has a lot of potential, but once he is more clear on what he wants and says people with believe in him. As of now we just want to see how we survive with Obama. Hope to see you around. Last Blog :(.

Our country has decided

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The third and final presidential debate was labeled as the debate to earn the votes of the undecided voters. The theme of the debate was foreign policy, however both candidates placed significant emphasis on the economic state of the US and how it’s affected the issue of foreign policy. Romney…

The final debate was by far the best. Obama was right it is hard to make decisions but Obama doesn’t make the final word. This debate I think was unfair because Obama had the upper hand. Now we see Obama in power again. Lets see what next for years with Obama has in store.

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Congratulations Women Our 1st Woman in Power: Elizabeth Warren

I just want to thank you Senator Warren for being a woman in power. Thank you for fighting for the people. I believe that with you in power healthcare will great. With you around womam will have a voices, job opportunity will be open. Education will be looked at with a better perspective. I hope you take control of the seat because you have the power! Take control with the help of the people because we have a voice to.

See you soon Mrs. Senator

You have a lot of people watching your family Mr. President. Help families smile like yours.

You have a lot of people watching your family Mr. President. Help families smile like yours.

Mr. President

Hello Mr. President/ Obama

Congradulations!! You have four more years to do your job. What will happen to our economy? Will I have money for my education? What is the status on gay marriage? How is the dream act going to get better? How will my siblings education become better? How will healthcare get better?
There is so many questions I have for you and I believe many other peopl have more or the same questions. Where will these four years tame us. Mr President, Thank you for your will power but with these four more years we all need more than a speech but action. please don’t give us hope but give us an action, action action!!!


The country decided


This happened, and it was awesome.


This happened, and it was awesome.

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Hurricane Sandy Swaying Votes

As I watched Sandy move through states and leave messes that are still being solved, the nation is watching what our candidates are doing to help. Jersey City, New York were hit the hardest and at this moment our country needs help. What are we to do? The president has made his way to Jersey to comfort, support and encourage those hurt by the storm. For those who might have been on Romney’s political side could have changed there votes. This last minute disaster could help out some of these candidates. The time is ticking. Lets get ready to vote!!!

November 6th. Please Vote!

For the past two months I have been in search for who exactly I’d like to vote for. It has come across my mind to not vote because I thought my vote didn’t matter. It has also cross my mind that my African American ancestors had fought for us BLACKS to vote. And also for the women of this nation we also had to fight to get our vote in. My word of encouragement to those who have this idea that there vote doesn’t count: As an American you are apart of this democracy and through your vote your voice is heard. Let us not forget that there is a possibility that the person you vote for does not become president, that’s OK  In this life we never get what we really want. But to the person who does take this chair we should respect his position because might not be able to take that seat of taking care of a whole nation. Your vote is your voice in America. So Please VOTE!